XXS Kuća za odmor

XXS Kuća za odmor, Braće Batoš 35, Jelsa, Hvar

This project is a complete reconstruction of the small stone house in the historic center in Jelsa with a very tiny floor area of only 17 square meters. The whole house is organized around the spiral staircase, without additional communication. Every room floor is on its own level position because approached from the different stair flight. It is designed as a yacht, including all the furniture. It is a fully equipped house with latest technology comfort. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living-kitchen, a bar and a roof terrace. It can accommodate up to ten people. Everything, aside construction itself, was done in the workshop, brought to the site and assembled together in only few weeks


– http://www.oris.hr/hr/casopis/clanak/[63]komfor-egzistencijalnog-minimuma,873.html