Vila d-suhinova

Vila D., Suhinova 1, Zagreb

The family house as a built life philosophy has always also been a sort of laboratory for investigating and questioning ideas. Therefore, it is no wonder that we owe most architectural icons of the 20th century to this typology. Villa D optimizes ability to provide individualized private life and simultaneously enables an unhindered flow of space, flexibility, and establishes contact with the outside world. However, it is not that simple since some other, more subtle parameters were relevant for this project; defining the quality of the new building precisely in its relation to parameters such as memory of place, the interaction between the house and its surroundings, the interaction between individual parts of the house, a balanced treatment of proportions, and the client’s specific lifestyle. It is designed as a hybrid of villa and a garden pavilion. Being drowned into greenery, almost invisible from the street level, has a privilege of enjoying privacy and extroversion. (V.G)

foto: Damir Fabijanić, Željko Kućan