Slava Raškaj

Izložbeni paviljon Slava Raškaj, Psihijatrijska bolnica Vrapče, Zagreb –

foto Boris Cvjetanović

Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce Museum was founded in 1935, when the archives of patients’ art works ware systemized and registered. Since 1962, art therapy is official psychiatric treatment, standard practice led by artists and professional therapists. Its purpose is to enhance patients’ re-socialization and improvement of their cognitive abilities. Pavilion Slava Raskaj (named after famous painter and a patient) has two purposes. Once a year, during S. Raskaj birthday festivity, it is a Gallery where patients’ art works are exhibited. During the rest of the year it is an atelier for the art therapy. This duality affected the design. Neoclassical interpretation of its main facade represents its memorial and museum function. Being an atelier as well, the pavilion needed additional working and storage spaces. Clerestory windows in the main space and the reflection suspended ceiling provide ideal lighting for painting or sculpturing