SPC gimanzija i duhovni centar

Srpska pravoslavna opća gimnazija i Duhovni centar, Sv.Duha 122, Zagre, 2009-2012.

foto Filip Beusan

Serbian Orthodox Secondary School and Religious Center is a complex of buildings with different function grouped around the central Atrium. Atrium which is partially covered with the porch has symbolic and spiritual meaning. It is the outdoor lobby of the Religious Center, exo-narthex of the Chapel and a school courtyard. Atrium provides easy orientation and access to different spaces. Atrium is representatively approached though carefully concealed from the street view. Chapel is placed on the west of the Atrium longer axis. The dome with the lantern above the altar dominates the whole complex, providing generous indirect lightning of the sacral space. Chapel is worldly unique example of contemporary reinterpretation of Orthodox Church architectural canon. Complex is built on the steep and unstable slope of the St.Duh hill. It fits perfectly into the surrounding city tissue and mainly residential neighborhood.

orden Katarina Kantakuzina Branković, I. reda za posebne zasluge

dvostruka nominacija za Nazorovu nagradu  2012.